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The Lighthouse Transition Program

The Lighthouse Transition Program works to ensure that youth aging-out of foster care have the same opportunities at becoming successful as anyone else in their community and have the knowledge, resources and opportunities to make a real change in their lives and society. We see ourselves as a preventive solution to make a collective effort to give youth 18-24 the tools for connecting and building a stronger foundation for a meaningful life.

Help Us! Help Them, To Succeed.


Dear Friends

Some youth that age out of foster care “18 & out” and, those that have aged-out are exploited by individuals who prey on vulnerable kids, “physically and sexually abused” (this language is used so people feel comfortable, my opinion). I call it what it is, beaten and raped sometimes by parents, family friends and members, stripped of their innocents, cheated of their childhood, incarcerated for stealing to survive, addicted to drugs and alcohol to cope with the horrendous experiences of homelessness and some commit suicide because they are tired of the struggle and cannot see no other way out.


Youth Empowerment program

Nationally, there are 437,000 children in foster care; each year 23,000 children age out of foster care approximately, 63 per day. 22% of children in foster care are 13 years or older and 23% live in institutions, group homes and trial homes. Leaving foster care without the needed life skills carries lifelong consequences and risky behaviors such as, pregnancy, homelessness, lack of education, and unemployed. Obstacles, just as these sets them up for failure and exposure to human trafficking and exploitation. As of April 2021, nearly 6,895 children are in out of home placement in Kansas the number of youth 16-18yo is 1,096 over 18year old’s is 71.

The Lighthouse Transition Program

Furthermore, children in foster care are diagnosed with PTSD at twice the rate of U.S. war veterans. With that said, The Lighthouse Transition Program (TLTP) an 18–24-month intensive supervised program and will include a 4–5-bedroom home that will provide a secure living environment for youth to live, learn and develop the crucial skills needed to transition from dependence to independence. With one-on-one advising and community-based components, we will provide life skills training and personal development strategies that will help youth ages 16-24 develop skills to increase their knowledge inspire self-confidence and self-determination to make informed decisions based on what they need and not what people think their needs should be. Our focus is on prevention, stopping the inhumane malice to youths before it begins.


The goal of TLTP

The goal of TLTP is, to change the trajectory for youth aging-out of foster care and a shift to self-regulation with ongoing supports. We are not taking care of them but, we are teaching them, to take care of themselves. Youth, who often languish in the foster care system for years deserve better. Each of us has a role to play to ensure they do not have to experience failure again and again as they exit the foster care system and struggle to gain independence.

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